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Click below to listen to Sam Ingraffia talk about his new book BAD BONES on the top-rated podcast THE AUTHORS SHOW. 

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Sam IngraffiaBAD BONES
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The Charlie McGinley Mystery Series

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What if an author who writes hard-boiled detective novels had to solve a real murder to keep from being knocked off by the Mob?


Charlie McGinley writes detective novels. At least he did, until writer’s block kicked in. He owes his publisher a book, multiple wives alimony and several loan sharks are about to break his thumbs.


Charlie hightails it out of L.A. two steps ahead of the police and his latest ex. On Route 66, he runs into Ben Fox, a mysterious Native American hitchhiker, who just happened to know Ernest Hemingway -- Charlie's favorite author.


Charlie’s life gets even more complicated as he and Ben, on a wild ride through New Mexico, try and find disappearing Indians, avoid Mob hitmen and rescue a beauty queen who is about to be frozen to death.

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Get ready for a hilarious and thrilling ride with the new comedic mystery novel from Sam Ingraffia -- BAD BONES -- the third installment in the Charlie McGinley Mystery Series. 


Mystery writer Charlie McGinley's dream of owning a working ranch in New Mexico turns into a nightmare when he discovers a human skull buried in his front yard. Join Charlie and his Navajo spirit guide, Ben Fox, as they deal with disappearing bodies, crabby cops and crazed killers, while trying to stay alive long enough to uncover the identity of the mysterious stiff and figure out who planted her in the front yard. 


With equal amounts of humor and suspense, BAD BONES will keep you laughing and guessing until the very end.

Charlie McGinley's latest book is being filmed as a movie on location in New Mexico. Everything is going great... until Scott Lassiter, the star of the film, is kidnapped.


Vanessa Tanner, the female lead in the movie, is married to Scott. She quickly becomes the primary suspect in the kidnapping. 


Charlie, who was once engaged to Vanessa, reluctantly agrees to help her.


Then, people start dying.


Can Charlie—and Ben, his long-dead Navajo spirit guide—find Scott, save the movie, and not get knocked off, while trying to convince Charlie’s new wife that he's not having an affair with Vanessa?


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