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The Right Stiff

"...In this inventive tale, Ingraffia both captures and skewers the hard-edged vernacular of the detective thriller. Charlie’s swiftly paced adventures are both gripping and hilarious... The narrative skillfully presents a winning combination of droll cynicism, intriguing crime-solving, and wondrous magic."


Kirkus Reviews 

"...The lean, fast-paced writing and compact storyline will entice readers to absorb it in one continuous read...Best of all, this is a fun crime romp...Readers will reach the tale's conclusion in stitches, hoping to see Charlie McGinley stumble into more literary and film-worthy adventures."

US Review of Books



US Review of Books

"...The Right Stiff is a detective story as well as a journey in self-discovery. Charlie’s frustrations about his writing and the quest for his roots are endearing. The Right Stiff combines suspense, deception, and intrigue with a healthy dose of humor. The location and characters are highly amusing, yet rooted in their reality. It is a quick and gripping read."

Readers' Favorite

What Would Johnny Dent Do?

“…Ingraffia’s second Charlie McGinley mystery is a brisk and breezy read…McGinley is an eminently likable protagonist…A very amusing mystery with enough genuine peril to keep readers intrigued.”

                                                    --Kirkus Reviews

Bad Bones

“Proverbial skeletons in closets and actual ones buried in the yard help make this a bone-ified good mystery. The characters are fleshed out and often humorous...the pacing is good, and painterly descriptions of the area are woven throughout the narrative. Although this novel is part of a series, it could stand as a read-alone.”


--Kirkus Reviews

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